HookahFair goes to Seville, Spain!

After hearing feedback year-after-year from the robust and enthusiastic Hookah industry in Spain and our huge international demand, we are pleased to announce that we are bringing the show finally to Seville!

The Spanish market is one of the world’s largest with significant turnout for hookah, tobacco, charcoal and accessories. The hundreds+ of hookah bars and lounges in the Sevilla metropolitan area, and thousands in the region, demonstrate both the potential and enthusiasm of the regional consumers in this market. However, the HookahFair never was and still is not just a local expo, as it’s the largest in the world that brings in key Spanish and international leaders in the industry.

The HookahFair has long established itself as THE world’s most premier expo for hookah products. In fact the expo has become indispensable for major players in the industry – as well as a must-attend event for consumers, hookah fans, hookah shop/lounge owners and trade visitors.

Which is why we are excited to invite you to join us in Seville with your colleagues, clients, competitors, wholesalers and thousands of attendee customers interested in your products and services.

The HookahFair in Seville opens its doors from June 22nd – 24th, 2018 in the expo center of Seville (FIBES) for trade show professionals and consumers from the age of 18+.

We are looking forward to meeting you!



Quality of visitors

Surveys have shown: our visitors are on spot to invest. No long phases of negotiations, but placing orders selectively. The quality of our visitors is impressive: purchaser, merchants and wholesalers from all over the world. Establish new business contacts of high quality and maintain those, that already exist.


Advertising options

To raise brand awareness effectively, we offer numerous of advertising opportunities to our exhibitors. Not just before the fair, but during the event, as well. According to your wishes, we develop ad possibilities, which will reach your target group directly. This makes it possible for your company to be remembered.



Perfect arrival to Sevilla. Cost-effective flights, ideal rail-transfer and an excellent connection to the motorway network. Due to the internationality and size of this metropolis, there are excellent hotel facilities and a well-developed public transport system, which saves time and money.


Increase in sales

There is no comparable place where you meet the who-is-who of the entire industry on our fair. In a minimum of time, you are given, with help of our media partners, countless reviewer, television-presence and many news agencies, the possibility to launch your brand or selected products as fast as possible.



Our team supports you from your registration to your departure. We promise quick replies and supportive solutions concerning your trade fair participation. No predefined exhibition stands, we create the ideal stand dimension and position for your exhibition presentation.


Target audience

Different from other tobacco and smoker fairs, you will focus here only on your target audience. Every single visitor is a prospect. It is no longer necessary to exhibit on general fairs to fight for attention. On our fair, we are putting you in the centre and do not let cigars, cigarettes or general smoker equipment put you in the background.


VENUE – FIBES, Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos

We consciously picked the exhibition center FIBES as location for our fair. Perfect spatial conditions and possibilities to do justice to the growth of the fair. In the heart of the Shisha and Vapebusiness. There is no other place in Spain more important for the Shisha- and Vapebusiness than Andalusia, especially Seville. The most consumption combined with the perfect infrastructure.


FIBES was designed to host large exhibitions and trade fairs, with three huge exhibition halls of 7,200 m2 each with no pillars at all and service boxes every 8 metres. These three halls are linked by a wide corridor to the conference centre building, where the 2 auditoria and breakout rooms are to be found.
The main attraction of this building are the outstanding waterfalls that surround the outdoor square at the entrance to FIBES I. Once inside, the luminous marble Dome Hall gives way to all auditoria, rooms, restaurants, and halls.

What our exhibitors say

  • It was an honor for Social Smoke to be part of the HookahFair trade show. Too often trade show organizers spend too much time trying to sell the event space rather than creating value for the exhibitors and attendees. HookahFair is one of the rare trade shows that is outstanding in all regards. Thanks Aytac, Engin, and the rest of the HookahFair team for the opportunity to be part of this amazing event.

    Ali Nadimi Founder of Social Smoke
  • Unserer Meinung nach war es eine Shishamesse mit vielen schönen Momenten/ Impressionen. Zudem war es phänomenal mit sovielen Consumenten in kontakt zu treten aus ganz Deutschland, sogar aus Nachbarländern hatte man reichlich Besuch. Wir danken den Veranstaltern die dies ermöglichten, aber auch vor allem jeden Einzelnen Besucher der sich den Weg dahin gemacht hat und somit diese Tage zu was besonderem formte.

    Team DagCom
  • Früher belächelt und unterschätzt - heute nicht mehr aus der Shisha-Szene weg zu denken: Die Shisha-Messe hat selbst unsere Erwartungen übertroffen. Vor allem durch den Fachbesuchertag konnte die Messe an Attraktivität hinzugewinnen. Für uns Shisha-Pioniere ist es schön zu sehen, wie unser Traum laufen lernt und fliegt. Wir freuen uns auf die nächsten Jahre mit Euch und eine baldige Expansionen Berlin & Ausland.

    Hamid Reza Houshami Consulting & Business Development - Aladin e.K.
  • Wir freuen uns jedes Jahr aufs Neue, wenn wir als Aussteller ein Teil der ShishaMesser in Frankfurt sein können. Die Veranstaltung dient für uns als Dreh und Angelpunkt für den Erfahrungsaustausch, sowie die Kommunikation mit Privat- und Geschäftsleuten auf die wir einen besonderen Wert legen. Sie ist für uns eine Tradition geworden, die wir nicht mehr missen möchten.

    Arfianda Bachtier Geschäftsführer CocoGreen
  • Die "ShishaMesse" war unsere erste Messe als Aussteller für unsere Produkte des Unternehmens "MOE´S SHISHA". Schön dass wir uns jederzeit und rundum professionell beraten und betreut fühlten. Aufgrund der wirklich hervorragenden Organisation und angesichts der netten und zahlreich geknüpften Kontakte war die Messe für uns nicht nur wirtschaftlich ein voller Erfolg. Wir vom gesamten MOE´S SHISHA-Team freuen uns sehr auf das nächste Mal und werden definitiv wieder dabei sein.

    Toufic El-Riz (Owner) MOE´S SHISHA



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