Sponsor and Advertising Options. NEW YORK.

Advance Program

The Advance Program (our Preview Guide) is the best way to reach potential attendees and the national and international hookah & vape community. This essential guide highlights key attractions at the convention and outlines special events, schedule, floor plan and registration information. The piece is sent to the biggest and best list of hookah & vape professionals in the industry, regardless of whether they can attend.

Final Program

The Final Program is an extensive show guide referenced by all attendees and media. This take-home piece allows your message to stay with attendees long after they leave the event. It delivers maximum exposure to exhibitors and sponsors and their products and lets hookah & vape professionals know who came to the event. Attendees refer to the Final Program throughout the fair to identify exhibitors, names, contact information, location and event descriptions, schedules, and more.

Upgraded Listing

Want to get into the game with the big players, but don’t have the budget? We have various smart, diverse, and affordable options that help your company stand out and get noticed. Upgrade your company’s listing in the Final Program to call out and highlight your company’s important information or product specific details.

Targeted Banner Visibility

The website draws thousands of visitors each month as attendees register for the show through exhibiting companies, and much more. Plus, strong web traffic continues long after the event is over because participants follow up, download event photos, check on exhibitor details following their on-site conversations, and start planning for 2018. A banner ad on the website is an effective way to gain maximum exposure, increase name visibility, and maximize brand recognition. Plus, these website banners stay active before, during and after the show.

‘Take One’ Service

This practical service is perfect for suppliers who want to drive more traffic to their booths through their own promotional product and service literature, or for those who simply can’t exhibit. You provide your promotional materials, which staff will place in ‘Take One’ kiosks in the always-busy and highly visible registration area. (Materials are replenished by the show management team as needed.).


Convention Bag Literature Insert


Convention Bag Literature Insert – Only one left!

Production not included. Limit one per organization.
Insert your organization’s postcard or promotional piece into the event bag handed to each visitor at registration. This opportunity is limited to three total sponsorship inserts.

Instagram Station


Brand the frame where attendees stop to take their picture and share using the show’s hashtag. Attendees love to take and share pictures here, expanding your reach beyond the show.

  • Sponsor’s name and logo displayed on frame sized for ideal Instagram sharing
  • Show hashtag in the image, encouraging sharing beyond the physical limits of the show
Hotel Room Drop

$1,600 per day

Production and hotel charges not included. SOLD

Extend your organization’s marketing reach by having a promotional item or piece of literature delivered directly to the doors of all attendees staying at the official event hotel (Hilton JFK). This item can greet attendees, share your organization’s message, and list your logo and booth number. The attendees have the opportunity to review your branded materials in a relaxed, not rushed atmosphere.

Aisle Sign

$1,650 per aisle

Limited Selection Available! TWO SOLD

Draw extra attention and visibility to your booth by sponsoring your aisle. Your organization’s name and copy will be hung on a banner below the aisle sign. Only one banner per aisle and only one organization can sponsor each aisle.

Social Media Lounge


Brand the lounge where attendees take pictures for live posts throughout the show and broadcast them out to the world with your marketing.

  • Sponsor’s name and logo on all related signage
  • Sponsor may distribute literature or collateral at charging stations
  • Sponsor’s name and logo incorporated into station designs

Include contact info from those who post from the lounge

  • Sponsor logo printed on XL Step and Repeat in the Social Media Lounge for increased awareness and visibility throughout the Social Media Channels and onsite picture opportunity
Final Program Bellyband


Draw attention to your organization by sponsoring the bellyband wrapping the Final Program. The bellyband raises awareness about your organization by including its name, copy, logo, and booth number.

Information Desk

$4,900 SOLD

Strategically located in a centrally high visibility area, the information desk serves as a resource for attendees and exhibitors in need of assistance and general event information.

  • Sponsor’s name and logo on all related signage, promotional material and graphic panels
  • Sponsor can place promotional flyers on desk (show organizer’s staff will replenish your materials as needed).
  • Sponsor’s name placed next to Information Desk icon on floor plan displayed in online and printed Preview Guide and Final Program
Convention Bag


Production included; two-color imprint. Your organization’s name and logo can appear exclusively on one side of the official event bags distributed to all attendees and exhibitors when they check-in. Great branding opportunity as attendees will keep the convention bag and take it home.

Water Service


Keep your brand front and center by sponsoring the water service stations located in multiple areas throughout our space— including, but not limited to, in the registration area, outside the workshop rooms, at the general session entrance, in the expo hall, etc. Your logo will be recognized at each station, on the cups, and per your choice, you can also include a custom water bottle in each event bag. (Production not included.) This way attendees can fill up when they want with your branded bottle, at your branded water station, and bring your brand back home with them.

Hotel Welcome Letter


Be the first company to greet attendees! Every attendee staying in the hotel block will receive an official welcome letter sponsored by you. It will feature must-have information for attendees, including registration instructions, registration desk hours, expo hall hours, and much more—along with a personalized message from your company.

Registration Area


Sponsor the Registration Area where all attendees and sponsors must check in. In addition to a small display area.

  • Sponsor’s name and logo included in prominent signage in the registration area
  • Sponsor’s name and logo incorporated into the design of the registration desks and décor Sponsor’s name placed next to Registration Area icon on floor plan displayed in online and printed Preview Guide and Final Program
Badge Lanyards


Your organization’s name and logo appear exclusively on the official name badge lanyards worn by fair attendees.


Print-on-Demand Station

$9500 SOLD

The show will provide a Print-on-Demand Station in a high-traffic area outside the expo hall where attendees can print workshop handouts, attendee rosters, emails, or other documents as might be needed. This opportunity offers significant exposure, including

  • Sponsor’s name and logo at station
  • Sponsor’s screen saver image uploaded on computer monitors
  • Sponsor’s name and logo on directional signage to station
Charging Stations


Call attention to your organization’s fair participation by sponsoring the Charging Stations located in high-traffic and strategic areas of the event and expo. Attendees will be able to use the power outlets at these stations to charge their smartphones, laptops, or other devices when and where it’s convenient for them.

  • Sponsor’s name and logo on all related signage
  • Sponsor may distribute literature or collateral at charging stations
  • Sponsor’s name and logo incorporated into station designs
Chill Chats


Chill Chats are informal discussions scheduled as ad hoc 15-minute gatherings during breaks in the expo hall to provide attendees opportunities for unstructured learning and networking. Topics are predetermined, but the discussions will proceed organically without facilitation.

  • Sponsor’s name and logo on signage and promotional material about the chats
  • Sponsor representative may greet attendees at chat locations.
Hand Sanitizer Stations


When traveling on business, most professionals appreciate any help in avoiding germs and illness. Help protect the wellbeing of attendees by placing your company’s brand on the high visibility and frequently used hand sanitizer stations located throughout the show.

Vapor and/or Hookah Labs


Vapor and/or Hookah Labs are 30-minute mini-workshops that will be held during breaks in the expo hall. Designed to accommodate attendees who prefer to engage in shorter sessions and smaller settings, Hookah Labs will feature narrower topics in areas designed for up to 30 learners.

  • Sponsor’s name and logo on signage and promotional material about the labs
  • Sponsor representative may greet attendees at lab entrances
  • Sponsor recognized by session speaker and displayed on session presentation slides
Rapid Fire Light up


Designed to accommodate attendees interested in specific products or services who want to compare options. Exhibitors providing similar products/services (competitors) will be invited to showcase their wares in scheduled five-ten minute back-to-back (to back) rapid-fire presentations that will be promoted in the Final Program. Attendees interested in learning more will be sure to be there. The sponsor will be sponsoring the entire theater at-large, and of course recognized throughout and given priority presentation times if interested in showcasing.

  • Sponsor’s name and logo on signage
  • Distribute promotional material about the showcases to attendees
  • Sponsor representative may greet attendees at lab entrances
  • Sponsor recognized by session speaker and displayed on session presentation slides


Digital signage

$13,800 SOLD

Digital signage at entrances to workshop rooms provides an excellent opportunity to deliver promotional messages to attendees. Screens mounted outside each workshop room will post important information throughout the fair. Customize a message that encourages attendees to visit your booth or website, or announce a special offer.

  • Sponsor’s copy on all digital signage
  • Customize for each day
You-Are-Here & Pocket Program


Distributed to all visitors upon registering and available at the floor plan kiosk prominently located near the expo main entrance, the Pocket Program includes workshop information, schedule, expo floor plan, meeting room information, and other details in a compact and user-friendly design.

  • Sponsor’s ad copy incorporated into the Pocket Program design
  • Sponsor’s booth highlighted on the floor plan in the Pocket Program to draw extra attention to its location
  • Sponsor’s name and logo incorporated into the floor plan kiosk at expo entrance
Chairman’s Vapor/Hookah Lounge


The Vapor/Hookah Lounge is the hottest real-estate on the show. Folks will be relaxing enjoying their shisha in a designated high-traffic lounge that is open to all visitors. Sponsoring it allows you to directly mingle with your target audience while they are chilling and relaxed. (With no competition.)

  • Sponsor’s name and logo on all related signage
  • Sponsor’s name and logo incorporated into promotional material
  • Sponsor may distribute literature or promotional material

Sponsor’s logo printed on XL Step and Repeat for branding, awareness and photo opportunities

Wall of Ideas


Your organization’s name and logo can greet visitors as they write down their ideas, comments, and insights on the 2017 Wall of Ideas. Topics include workshop proposal ideas for 2018, what topics and themes attendees like best, and suggestions to improve the event, or what was your “A-Ha’ moment of the event.

  • Sponsor’s name and logo on all materials and signage related to the Wall of Ideas
  • Acknowledgement as sponsor on all Wall of Ideas boards
  • Sponsor may distribute promotional literature
Ride and Drive Sponsor


Ideal for car sponsor targeting progressive crowd to offer test drives in an around New York City and/or the venue. Trendy, hip, uber-educated, and upwardly mobile twenty & thirty somethings are a car manufacturers dream.

Mega Session Keynotes

$19,200 Three opportunities!

Reach a captive audience and champion your brand in front of attendees at one of three general sessions.

  • Sponsor name and logo on all related signage and promotional materials
  • Opportunity to arrange private meetings with the speakers for up to 10 of your employees and clients.
  • Priority Seating for up to 50 of your employees and clients
  • Chair drops of your promotional material by staff.
  • Option to introduce speaker or moderator will recognize sponsor
  • Email event invitation on your behalf directly to LinkedIn Group members
  • Option to add squeeze page with sponsor content
‘Attendee Toast’ Welcome Reception


The combination of complimentary cocktails and a light buffet—and attendees’ excitement about visiting the expo for the first time

Hookah-Fest ‘Throwdown’

$35,000 - Two co-sponsors - ONE SOLD

The Grand Finale is the signature party of the whole event.

  • Sponsor name and logo on all related signage, invitations, and promotional materials
  • Sponsor representative can meet and greet guests at door and network with guests during finale
  • Sponsor can give guests a token gift
Our Sponsor and Exhibitor Rules:
  • Sponsors/exhibitors must comply with the currently enacted regulations of the FDA as of the date of the Event.
  • Sponsors’/exhibitors’ website and advertising must not make health claims about the product or show testimonials which make any health claims even if they are stated as opinions.
  • Packaging and advertisements for e-cigarette products must not contain cartoon characters or child appealing packaging geared towards youth. Including logos, fonts, and similar names of trademarked children’s products (toys, juice, cereal, candy, superheroes etc.).
  • No illegal products, or products which reference prescription, vitamins, illegal drug flavors or effects permitted.
  • All sponsors/exhibitors and attendees must be of legal smoking age to be a part of our sponsored events.
  • All e-liquid nicotine must have federally compliant child resistant caps.
  • Entrance fee is part of the sampling fee.