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Our Sponsor and Exhibitor Rules:
  • Sponsors/exhibitors must comply with the currently enacted regulations of the FDA as of the date of the Event.
  • Sponsors’/exhibitors’ website and advertising must not make health claims about the product or show testimonials which make any health claims even if they are stated as opinions.
  • Packaging and advertisements for e-cigarette products must not contain cartoon characters or child appealing packaging geared towards youth. Including logos, fonts, and similar names of trademarked children’s products (toys, juice, cereal, candy, superheroes etc.).
  • No illegal products, or products which reference prescription, vitamins, illegal drug flavors or effects permitted.
  • All sponsors/exhibitors and attendees must be of legal smoking age to be a part of our sponsored events.
  • All e-liquid nicotine must have federally compliant child resistant caps.
  • Entrance fee is part of the sampling fee.
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