FAQ for visitors. MIAMI.

Where does the fair take place?

Miami / USA

Access under 18 years of age?

No – due to venue restrictions, all attendees and exhibitors need to be over 18 years old.

When and where can the tickets be purchased?

Tickets can be purchased NOW.

What is the price for tickets?

Day ticket: $ 17
Weekend ticket: $ 25

Is there any discount or promotion for group tickets?


Can I bring my pet?

For reasons of safety, animals are not permitted at the show. The only exception that can be made is in case of service dogs in order to assist disabled people.

Which exhibitors will join the show?

A list of exhibitors will be published soon on our homepage and will be updated weekly. New exhibitors will be also announced on www.fb.com/shishamesse.

Can I purchase products at the show?

Since there has been such a great demand from our current and past exhibitors in Frankfurt, Germany, we are excited to announce our new trade show launch in New York. Here, you also will be able to sell products to the American and international attendees visiting the exhibit booths.

Will there be Giveaways?

This is up to each exhibitor, but many giveaways and promotions to be expected. Due to our experience from the last two shows in Germany, exhibitors are very generous and distribute many samples to the audience.

Is it allowed to re-enter after leaving the show ground?

Unfortunately, attendees are not allowed to re-enter the show after leaving it.

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