FAQ for exhibitors. MIAMI.

Where does the show take place?

Miami / USA

When does the show take place?

March 6th: 11am – 6pm
March 7th: 11am – 6pm

Is smoking/vaping permitted inside the hall?

Vaping is permitted for product demonstration purposes in the exhibit  hall.

What is the price for a booth space?

$ 22 per sq ft

How many exhibition IDs (badges) do I get as an exhibitor?

For a booth space of the minimum size (10x10sq ft), you receive 2 exhibitor IDs. For each additional 10×10 sq ft. of exhibit space, we provide  you two additional exhibitor IDs without extra charges .
In addition, each exhibitor gets 2 more exhibitor IDs which are included in the obligatory promotional fee.

100 sq ft: 4 badges
200 sq ft: 6 badges
300 sq ft: 8 badges

Can I re-order exhibitor IDs (badges)?

Yes, this is possible. Any further exhibitor ID is USD 29.

Are there parking spaces near the venue?

There are plenty of parking spaces directly in front of the venue.

Can we book additional furniture or special booth equipment/arrangements?

Yes, this is possible. The venue and our decorator will provide a range of booth furniture, AV, TV and other equipment to meet your needs. Once it is ordered, construction/set up and dismantling will be handled by our decorator.

Do I get tickets as an exhibitor for my business contacts?

Each exhibitor gets 10 entrance tickets for his/her business contacts complimentary. For this purpose, you will receive an information letter 6 weeks prior to the show. Any further business IDs, requested by exhibitors are $29

Which exhibitors will participate?

A list of exhibitors will be published shortly on our homepage and will be updated weekly. New exhibitors will be also announced on our Facebook and Instagram page.

You can find our current exhibitor lists HERE

Is direct selling permitted on the show floor?

We do allow a direct sale on end consumer. In any case, this is up to each exhibitor. Since there has been a huge demand on the last edition of the show, we recommend to make use of direct sales.

Which way is best to send my products from abroad?

This information will be published soon.

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