HookahFair goes to Miami, Florida! After hearing feedback year-after-year from the robust and enthusiastic Hookah Florida industry and our huge international demand, we are pleased to announce that we are bringing the show finally to Miami.

The Miami market is one of the world’s largest with significant turnout for hookah, tobacco, charcoal and accessories. The hundreds+  of hookah bars and lounges in the Miami metropolitan area, and thousands in the region, demonstrate both the potential and enthusiasm of the regional consumers in this market. However, the HookahFair never was and still is not just a local expo, as it’s the largest in the world that brings in key U.S. and international leaders in the industry.

The HookahFair has long established itself as THE world’s most premier expo for hookah products. In fact the expo has become indispensable for major players in the industry – as well as a must-attend event for consumers, hookah fans, hookah shop/lounge owners and trade visitors.

Which is why we are excited to invite you to join us in Miami with your colleagues, clients, competitors, whole sellers  and thousands of attendee customers interested in your products and services.

The HookahFair in Miami opens its doors from March 6-7th, 2019* for trade show professionals and consumers from the age of 21+.


We are looking forward to meeting you!


The top six reasons why you need to exhibit at The HookFair meets VaporFair:



Our surveys clearly show that participants – attendees, industry suppliers, and even other exhibitors – are there to purchase, buy and order directly at the show. Exhibitors are not just there to market and brand – they also move merchandise, close deals, and ink agreements at the event. Most consumer attendees are not browsing, but rather leave the show with a purchase. And as importantly, our industry supplier’s attendees are decision makers with budget authority there to check out the latest.



Whether you would like to advertise, exhibit, or sponsor, we have numerous opportunities for you to consider at different price points before, during and after the show.  We are experts at helping to develop a marketing campaign that will zero in on your preferred target audience through various marketing vehicles. Regardless of whether your objective is to increase name recognition, raise brand awareness of maintain your market position we have a solution for you. Please do not hesitate to call and check out our Marketing Opportunities.



As one of America’s most exciting and vibrant cities, Miami is a world-class destination. It has amazing quality of place, green spaces, walkability, great weather, beautiful beaches and parks. It has a world-class airport with international connectivity, has a port for major waterways, and is the major southeast transportation hub in the U.S. Besides its renowned nightlife and lifestyle, Miami also offers fine cuisine, museums, shopping and is a short ride away from the Everglades, theme parks and even Key West. Miami is one of the hookah ‘birth places’ in the U.S. – the scene is very well established and has been growing for decades!



With the who’s who in the entire industry all gathered under one roof, there are few better ways to reach these influential leaders than with a booth presence at our event. The concentration of your target in one locale, offers a unique window of time to boost your overall sales – especially before the end of the fiscal year in December. In addition, the gathering of the network and community also offers you an ideal platform for a new product or brand launch or reveal – especially given the support received from our media partners, countless reviewer, television-presence, onsite radio stations with live exhibitor interviews and many news agencies, the opportunity to launch your brand or selected products as fast as possible.



Our flexible, dedicated and driven team is here to help and support your goals with an excellent concierge service. We recognize that no two exhibitors are alike, and consequently they often have different needs. Whatever your goals are – large or small, we will take care of it. If you need a custom sponsorship package – we will get it done, not sure where to ship materials- we have the answer. If you are working in a specific set budget, we will provide you the best offer with a maximum of benefits included as possible.



The HookahFair meets VaporFair offers exhibitors a unique opportunity – that’s because our show specifically targets YOUR clients & customers. Unlike other tradeshows where your needs are not the primary focus of the event (like cigars, cigarettes, general smoker equipment events, etc.) the HookahFair is all about your specific audience.


More than 600,000 visitors annually (2015)
12 miles away from the Miami International Airport – #2 in the country for international passengers.
Located in beautiful Miami Beach; a premier destination famous for it’s beaches, resorts, nightlife, restaurants, and shopping.

What our exhibitors say

  • It was an honor for Social Smoke to be part of the HookahFair trade show. Too often trade show organizers spend too much time trying to sell the event space rather than creating value for the exhibitors and attendees. HookahFair is one of the rare trade shows that is outstanding in all regards. Thanks Aytac, Engin, and the rest of the HookahFair team for the opportunity to be part of this amazing event.

    Ali Nadimi Founder of Social Smoke

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